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    Mobile Retail Execution
  • Proven on-demand mobile retail execution software that is easily configurable to support the specific functions and roles of your retail teams, from your national account managers and distributors to your field reps and merchandisers.

    It span across modern, traditional trade, as well as merchandising activities.

    Van Sales and Direct Store Delivery
  • The solution provides comprehensive workflows for call planning, inventory management, merchandising, route accounting and settlement payments.

    Field reps can plan routes, monitor inventory levels, manage merchandising, collect payments and perform other critical sales activities through mobile devices.

    Field Force Management
  • The solution ensures the right people with the right skills, are at the right job, at the right time—at the lowest possible cost.

    Field employees are equipped with the tools to work faster and smarter while keeping managers better informed to make faster, better and cost-effective operational decisions based on real-time data.

    Distribution Management
  • It improves efficiency and communication btn field teams, operations and distribution centers using cloud-based real-time info. Thr’gh dynamic dashboards and reporting.

    Distributors get access to relevant data, e.g. pricing quotes, orders that link seamlessly with back-office inventory, fulfillment & accounting.

Get Listened, Helped & Reach Your Business Goals

Regardless of the methodology being used, it is imperative that the development team and the business collaborate throughout the software development life cycle.This post brings you together with software experts from Singo Africa limited, who are looking at ways to maintain and improve a strong relationship between our clients, their businesses and development using business applications ensuring that there is communication in every step of the way so as they can get perfect services whenever they need it.

Clients are our first priority and  we ensure to deliver quality service by taking into consideration our clients investment cost as well as any possible advice that can assist the clients to increase Return On Investment. Why choosing us?

Guess what? The service that we are offering are:

                       1.  universally accepted by the stakeholders    

                       2.  provide an appropriate solution to meet the customer/business needs.       

                       3.  provide a detailed description of which customer/business needs will be met by the selected solution.         

                       4.  provide input between the phases of the project.

Our team are not pushing but the team that listening,understand  and act..

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
  1. Do you have challenges/problems in business process you want to be solved?
  2. Do you have restrictions etc that needs to be considered?
  3. Is the time, money, human and other resources including technology invested solving challenges/problems in your organization? 

For above challenges and others; Kindly get the best service and celebrate the successful of your company by getting help from us, we are so delighted to be the one to help you.